why us

We as a Multi Corner Barter Exchange focus mainly on Converting your expenses into confirm sales, expanding your market, reducing cost of business inventories, and services required. In these 25 years of our company we have been able to bring many Media / Products / Services under Barter arrangement.

Our strength lies in ever expanding network and long term business association with many business groups across India.


  • 1Complete Media Solution i.e. Print, Outdoor, Electronic ( TV Channel and FM)
  • 2Business Promotion (Gift/Incentive) and Branding Solutions
  • 3Event Sponsorship and Celebrity Endorsement
  • 4Hotel / Clubs / Restaurants Across India
  • 5Interior Decoration, Painting and Furnishing.
  • 6PR Services
  • 7Various Other Products and Services.

Our barter inventory

As desired by you we are herewith mentioning a basic list which we can offer through Barter Exchange.